Rain, Rain, Go Away!!! | Rainy Day Attire and Monday Messages

Hello all! I hope your week has started well. My Monday was unexpectedly awesome due to some awesome emails!!  Hope yours is about the same. In relation to it being Monday, I thought the following would be a great message.
Let this message radiate throughout your week, not only Monday!!

On a different note, the weather was  tad bit horrible today. So I got to have a little fun with some rainy day attire. 

Here is a close up picture of the print of my raincoat. Oprah even pinned it!! Target is currently also selling a similar version, as seen here.

I also treated myself to a Starbucks Venti White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino. I have not had this drink since May so I believe that was acceptable.

Stay sweet!


Saturday Savings | Old Navy: 50% Off 1 Item & Sales & Super Cash

Saturday 10/5 ONLY

Welcome to the first installment of Saturday Savings! I don't know how long this blogging schedule will last because it is just to structured for me so we will see. Plus, I am changing my blog all the time. (Notice, I currently don't have a profile pic - working on that too!)  Anyways, none of that is the purpose of this blog. The purpose is to tell you how you can save this weekend.

This weekend, Old Navy is offering 50% off any one item, in addiition to the sale prices they already have on summer cleareance clothes and their fall clothes. You can also earn Super Cash right now for every increment of money you spend. TALK ABOUT SAVINGS!

Super Cash. In Stores & Now Online! Find out More.

To get the coupon code, click to the Old Navy Facebook page and sign in to Facebook access the offer code. EASY!!!!!!!

If you are looking for items to get, check out my post from yesterday, here. Or check out this combination of a chambray top and fall color- appropriate jeans.

Stay sweet and Happy Saturday!


Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites
Fall has to be my favorite season. My birthday is coming up pretty soon and all of the great holidays are pretty much during fall. In addition, the weather is just so nice most days and the clothes are so comfortable. I thought it would be nice to share some purchases I would like to make for this season.

Additionally, thanks for bearing with me while I try to figure this blogging thing out. It is the best hobby I have ever had but also a tad bit challenging. I am also currently "funemployed" trying to transition to being employed for real so prioritizing my time is currently a struggle.

P.S. The items above are all from Old Navy  including my favorite, the sequined cardigan, and the boots are from Avenue (one of the best places to shop for those of us with big feet or calves.)