5 Ways to Save Money While Shopping (During Christmas and beyond)

The following post is actually a post that I have been wanting to write a while now, but with the holiday season approaching I could think of no better time. So without further ado...

Shopping Apps
For in on the go person like me, shopping apps are a life-saver. I currently have a folder of 9 shopping apps installed on my phone.  

My most used apps are for saving while I am out are Target Cartwheel, RetailMeNot, Shopkick, and Coupons.com.  I have an upcoming going into the detail of each of these apps and their features. 

The overall basis of each of these apps are that when you are in-store or anywhere you open the apps and get anything from coupon codes to points to put toward a gift card.

Google promotion codes and coupon codes for store
If you don’t have a smartphone or have not downloaded one of the above apps, I highly suggest that you visit one of the following websites during or after shopping. My favorite websites to visit are pretty much the same as the apps, but I do have a few other favorites.

My favorites are TheKrazyKouponLady RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, and Target (the coupons section). I usually check one of these websites for items before I go to a store that is not related to clothes.

Subscribing to emails
If you know that there is a store that you shop at more often, than I highly suggest you going to their website and signing up for their email list.

If you are like me and hate having a bunch of promotional emails, than I highly suggest that you have a specific emails to give out to those stores, and if you are able to connect it to your phone for easy access when shopping.

Almost every store that I know of has this option.

Shop online
I recently ordered two pairs of shoes online for $47.97 just because I used the above methods on shopping online and my total savings came out to $60.
I will inform you that I am not the most frequent online shopper but I do find myself shopping online sometimes. My most recent experience was today y for tall pants (Old Navy does not carry many selections in store anymore :( ) and Size 13 shoes for my big feet. SPOILER: I also have an upcoming post on where to find specialty clothing. 
When shopping online, I am able to use the coupon codes, promo emails, and online sales to save the maximum amount.  
I also highly recommend using websites like:

Use rebates websites
Whenever I shop online, I am always sure that I use ebates.com by going to the website and searching for the store that I am shoppong online with. They then refund me anywhere from normally 1 to 10 % of my purchase. 

I have also heard of people using studentrate.com for a similar effect. I highly suggest you use this website if you are a student or have affiliation with a university such as alumni email or employee email.

Here is a bonus: Last, but not least

Plan ahead!

If you have any questions on anything I posted please ask, I will respond!

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  1. Great tips! I have never thought to use ebates or phone applications. I will definitely be looking into a few for this holiday season.


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