{Blogidays Day 3} Join the Blogidays link up & My Favorite Holiday Songs

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haha, not even!

Top 4 Favorite Christmas Songs

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Chris Brown or Christina Aguilera or any of the other singers

Michael Buble or Kelly Clarkson

Really want to hear some Christmas songs? Check out these videos!

Michael Buble Full Christmas Playlist

Christmas Songs from Glee

Christmas Classics (now this is what the image above meant)

What are your favorites?

Stay Sweet and Blessed,

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{Blogidays Day 2} Monday Messages on a Tuesday!

Stay Sweet and Blessed,

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{Blogidays Day 1} My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

Hello! Welcome to Blogmas! This is where I blog 25 days or possibly all month long! I have made this a link up and if you would like to join then you can click the link up at the bottom of this post.
My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

As the Thanksgiving holiday winds down and the Christmas season has definitely started, I thought I would share some of my favorite things that I am hoping that I might receive for Christmas. 

Now that I am older and graduated from college, my Christmas list is a little bit more grown up, hence the title. The things that  I have had my eye on this year are seen in the image above. Additionally, since I am working this year I might just save up or buy whatever I think I may want or need during the after Christmas sales.


(mini, air..who cares - I want need one) This is great for school, work, and travel. I beleive I would benefit from an iPad  for many years. 

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast does everything. It has music, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Internet, everything. It is only $35 and plugs into your TV.

Structured Bag and Wallet 

Gift Cards to Target, Gap Brand, and any other of my favorite stores or Money in general

Long or Mid-length coat

I particularly like this one here or any similar ones. Although, I want one that is more well made than this Forever 21 edition.

City-Chic Wool Trench Coat


I like this one above, but Michael Kors watches seem to have become so cliche these days. I have been looking into other options, but I am not sure if there any that I like as much especially since I like to mix metals these days because I wear my Pandora bracelet everyday. Another option is this one.

Pandora charms

Pretty self-explanatory

Stay Sweet and Blessed,

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Hello! This post is coming to y'all from the car on my way back home from visiting family with my immediate family for Thanksgiving! Since I have nearly four hours to kill I thought I would check in. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, good food, and maybe even some Christmas shopping. This year has been a pretty good year and I am thankful for so many things including my family, good friends, my job, and jokingly, the Blogger app, which I am currently using to write this. Anyways, have a great night! 

Stay Sweet and Blessed,


5 Ways to Save Money While Shopping (During Christmas and beyond)

The following post is actually a post that I have been wanting to write a while now, but with the holiday season approaching I could think of no better time. So without further ado...

Shopping Apps
For in on the go person like me, shopping apps are a life-saver. I currently have a folder of 9 shopping apps installed on my phone.  

My most used apps are for saving while I am out are Target Cartwheel, RetailMeNot, Shopkick, and Coupons.com.  I have an upcoming going into the detail of each of these apps and their features. 

The overall basis of each of these apps are that when you are in-store or anywhere you open the apps and get anything from coupon codes to points to put toward a gift card.

Google promotion codes and coupon codes for store
If you don’t have a smartphone or have not downloaded one of the above apps, I highly suggest that you visit one of the following websites during or after shopping. My favorite websites to visit are pretty much the same as the apps, but I do have a few other favorites.

My favorites are TheKrazyKouponLady RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, and Target (the coupons section). I usually check one of these websites for items before I go to a store that is not related to clothes.

Subscribing to emails
If you know that there is a store that you shop at more often, than I highly suggest you going to their website and signing up for their email list.

If you are like me and hate having a bunch of promotional emails, than I highly suggest that you have a specific emails to give out to those stores, and if you are able to connect it to your phone for easy access when shopping.

Almost every store that I know of has this option.

Shop online
I recently ordered two pairs of shoes online for $47.97 just because I used the above methods on shopping online and my total savings came out to $60.
I will inform you that I am not the most frequent online shopper but I do find myself shopping online sometimes. My most recent experience was today y for tall pants (Old Navy does not carry many selections in store anymore :( ) and Size 13 shoes for my big feet. SPOILER: I also have an upcoming post on where to find specialty clothing. 
When shopping online, I am able to use the coupon codes, promo emails, and online sales to save the maximum amount.  
I also highly recommend using websites like:

Use rebates websites
Whenever I shop online, I am always sure that I use ebates.com by going to the website and searching for the store that I am shoppong online with. They then refund me anywhere from normally 1 to 10 % of my purchase. 

I have also heard of people using studentrate.com for a similar effect. I highly suggest you use this website if you are a student or have affiliation with a university such as alumni email or employee email.

Here is a bonus: Last, but not least

Plan ahead!

If you have any questions on anything I posted please ask, I will respond!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my birthday and it was wonderful!!! Post on that and other things coming later, possibly Monday. Check back soon.

Stay sweet and blessed, 
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For Sale: Phillip Lim for Target Mini Satchel in Taupe

So, I was exploring around a Target in the city over due to an appointment, that I had not been to in years. (sorry, the grammar on that sentence sucks!) Anyways, I decided to explore the purse department and what did I see but two of these bags. One in black and one in Taupe. I decided to keep the black one for myself but was hoping someone in the blogger world would want to the lucky owner of the taupe one. 

This will probably be the first and last time I sell anything on my blog, (I AM NOT INTO THAT!) but if you are interested I do recommend checking this out or sharing with a friend. Please go to the eBay page. I am willing to give a better price for my blog readers. Click here for the eBay link or alternatively another method of payment such as Paypal can be used. 

Click over to my contact page to send me an email if you have questions and I will send pictures or additional info.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!!! | Rainy Day Attire and Monday Messages

Hello all! I hope your week has started well. My Monday was unexpectedly awesome due to some awesome emails!!  Hope yours is about the same. In relation to it being Monday, I thought the following would be a great message.
Let this message radiate throughout your week, not only Monday!!

On a different note, the weather was  tad bit horrible today. So I got to have a little fun with some rainy day attire. 

Here is a close up picture of the print of my raincoat. Oprah even pinned it!! Target is currently also selling a similar version, as seen here.

I also treated myself to a Starbucks Venti White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino. I have not had this drink since May so I believe that was acceptable.

Stay sweet!


Saturday Savings | Old Navy: 50% Off 1 Item & Sales & Super Cash

Saturday 10/5 ONLY

Welcome to the first installment of Saturday Savings! I don't know how long this blogging schedule will last because it is just to structured for me so we will see. Plus, I am changing my blog all the time. (Notice, I currently don't have a profile pic - working on that too!)  Anyways, none of that is the purpose of this blog. The purpose is to tell you how you can save this weekend.

This weekend, Old Navy is offering 50% off any one item, in addiition to the sale prices they already have on summer cleareance clothes and their fall clothes. You can also earn Super Cash right now for every increment of money you spend. TALK ABOUT SAVINGS!

Super Cash. In Stores & Now Online! Find out More.

To get the coupon code, click to the Old Navy Facebook page and sign in to Facebook access the offer code. EASY!!!!!!!

If you are looking for items to get, check out my post from yesterday, here. Or check out this combination of a chambray top and fall color- appropriate jeans.

Stay sweet and Happy Saturday!


Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites
Fall has to be my favorite season. My birthday is coming up pretty soon and all of the great holidays are pretty much during fall. In addition, the weather is just so nice most days and the clothes are so comfortable. I thought it would be nice to share some purchases I would like to make for this season.

Additionally, thanks for bearing with me while I try to figure this blogging thing out. It is the best hobby I have ever had but also a tad bit challenging. I am also currently "funemployed" trying to transition to being employed for real so prioritizing my time is currently a struggle.

P.S. The items above are all from Old Navy  including my favorite, the sequined cardigan, and the boots are from Avenue (one of the best places to shop for those of us with big feet or calves.)


Slight Name Change!

This is something that I pondered for a long time but I have decided to change my blog name to The Sweet Life and Style! You may have to readd me on bloglovin to get my new posts. Please do!

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Stay sweet!


Happy First Day of Fall and New Posting Schedule!

Happy First Day of Fall to all the sweet readers of my blog! I am so excited for this season change. I foreshadow a lot of changes taking place within my life during these next couple of months and my birthday is approaching so there are so many changes coming. I just love the fall season. It is the time of the best holidays, some of the most comfortable clothing, and pretty nice weather. I am also excited to see growth in this blog during this season. Due to this, I have decided to implement a blogging schedule. See below for the new schedule.

Posting Schedule
  • Every Day -Life and Style (aka News and Fashion, OOTDs)
  • Tuesday and/or Thursday - iCandi (Technology reviews and the like, app reviews)
  • Saturday and/or Sunday - Sweet Savings (my findings and savings, deals, ways to save, and upcoming deals)
(subject to change)

Click the tabs above to visit related posts.

If you have anything you would like to see please leave me a comment and follow on Bloglovin for blog updates. (Click the Bloglovin girl's face on the right side)

Stay Sweet!


New Series Coming!!!!

Look out for my series on Sweet Deals coming soon! The first one will either be on Target or online deals! I am leaning more towards online deals and Target next week.


Help for 20-somethings

As a new college graduate and a new 20-something, I am always seeking guidance on taking that next step into adulthood. I ran across this TED talk from last year and think it is a must see for all 20 somethings or nearly 20 somethings. I highly suggest that you watch it.


Sunday Morning OOTD


HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!



June Favorites

June Favorites

J.Crew colorful jewelry / Pandora bracelet jewelry / Victoria's Secret victoria secret / drugstore.com

Hello everyone! For the month of June, I have decided on five products or items that I considered to be my favorite for the month. Read below for my insight on each of these items and go try them out! Enjoy.

  1. Pond's Deep Spot Correcting Cream: This was one of my impulse buys at Target one day while walking through with my mom. I have been using it since the end of May and have seen noticeable differences. I am  constantly trying to even my skin tone so this was the perfect purchase with the perfect price. It was in the travel section so I picked it up for less than $2. You should definitely check it out if you have uneven skin tones or dark spots left over from acne. 
  2. Pink Sweet and Flirty Body Mist: This is the best stuff ever. PERIOD! I love the smell of this stuff. If heaven had a smell, this or any of the mists from the same line would be it. I first fell in love with it when I was in high school and rediscovered it this year while walking through Victoria's Secret with my friends. This product retails for less than $10 so I definitely recommend you check this body mist out.
  3. Olay Quench Body Wash: This product claims to have a jar of moisturizers inside and I definitely feel them every time I use this stuff when I take a shower. This product costs around $5 and will definitely leave your skin feeling baby soft.
  4. Statement Necklaces: These necklaces definitely add something extra to your outfit. I currently own 4 and with it now being summer I am definitely getting my wear out of them. I will definitely show them in a future post. J. Crew, Target, Charming Charlie's and World Market (yes, they have jewelry) are some of  the many awesome places to get these pieces.
  5. Pandora Bracelet: I got this bracelet 2 months ago for my college graduation and have worn it just about every day since. This bracelet is like an adult version of the charm bracelet you may have had as a kid. It is totally customizable and an affordable piece of jewelry that will last and tell a story. 
Hope you enjoyed my favorites.

Stay Sweet!


My Top Five Loves!

My Top Five

Hello Y'All,

So for my second post, I thought it would be great to do a get to know me type article.  So if you can't already tell by the wonderful image above, I am giving you my top five loves or my favorites. So without further ado:

  1. TARGET! Who doesn't love Target? They literally have everything! I have been known to drive across town to go to the better Target. I love their clothes and the great deals that you can always find. In addition, they have the cutest home decor! In future posts, I will detail tips on shopping at Target and getting the best deals.
  2. My favorite colors: You can probably determine two of my favorite colors from my blog background. My favorite colors are purple, blue, and pink. I love almost any shade of the above colors. Although, for blue I l especially like navy blue and teal.
  3. Youtube!It was around 2009 when I started watching Youtube. I started watching and have not stopped since. I will use another post to detail some channels, I think you may like and why it is so addicting.
  4. Purses! As my parents would say, I am a little bit addicted! Purses are just one of my many loves in conjunction with clothes. What can I say? I love to shop.
  5. The beach! I have loved the beach every since I was young. Even though I don't get the chance to go as often as I like, beaches are still one of my favorite places to go in the world.
What are your loves?



Welcome to my blog, The Sweet Lifestyle!My name is Brandi! I am glad you are here! This blog will be an all-purpose blog. I have great visions for this blog and all that it will become. Stay tuned for my next post!

Stay sweet,