{Blogidays Day 1} My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

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My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

As the Thanksgiving holiday winds down and the Christmas season has definitely started, I thought I would share some of my favorite things that I am hoping that I might receive for Christmas. 

Now that I am older and graduated from college, my Christmas list is a little bit more grown up, hence the title. The things that  I have had my eye on this year are seen in the image above. Additionally, since I am working this year I might just save up or buy whatever I think I may want or need during the after Christmas sales.


(mini, air..who cares - I want need one) This is great for school, work, and travel. I beleive I would benefit from an iPad  for many years. 

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast does everything. It has music, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Internet, everything. It is only $35 and plugs into your TV.

Structured Bag and Wallet 

Gift Cards to Target, Gap Brand, and any other of my favorite stores or Money in general

Long or Mid-length coat

I particularly like this one here or any similar ones. Although, I want one that is more well made than this Forever 21 edition.

City-Chic Wool Trench Coat


I like this one above, but Michael Kors watches seem to have become so cliche these days. I have been looking into other options, but I am not sure if there any that I like as much especially since I like to mix metals these days because I wear my Pandora bracelet everyday. Another option is this one.

Pandora charms

Pretty self-explanatory

Stay Sweet and Blessed,

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