{Blogidays Day 3} Join the Blogidays link up & My Favorite Holiday Songs

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haha, not even!

Top 4 Favorite Christmas Songs

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Chris Brown or Christina Aguilera or any of the other singers

Michael Buble or Kelly Clarkson

Really want to hear some Christmas songs? Check out these videos!

Michael Buble Full Christmas Playlist

Christmas Songs from Glee

Christmas Classics (now this is what the image above meant)

What are your favorites?

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{Blogidays Day 2} Monday Messages on a Tuesday!

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{Blogidays Day 1} My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

Hello! Welcome to Blogmas! This is where I blog 25 days or possibly all month long! I have made this a link up and if you would like to join then you can click the link up at the bottom of this post.
My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

As the Thanksgiving holiday winds down and the Christmas season has definitely started, I thought I would share some of my favorite things that I am hoping that I might receive for Christmas. 

Now that I am older and graduated from college, my Christmas list is a little bit more grown up, hence the title. The things that  I have had my eye on this year are seen in the image above. Additionally, since I am working this year I might just save up or buy whatever I think I may want or need during the after Christmas sales.


(mini, air..who cares - I want need one) This is great for school, work, and travel. I beleive I would benefit from an iPad  for many years. 

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast does everything. It has music, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Internet, everything. It is only $35 and plugs into your TV.

Structured Bag and Wallet 

Gift Cards to Target, Gap Brand, and any other of my favorite stores or Money in general

Long or Mid-length coat

I particularly like this one here or any similar ones. Although, I want one that is more well made than this Forever 21 edition.

City-Chic Wool Trench Coat


I like this one above, but Michael Kors watches seem to have become so cliche these days. I have been looking into other options, but I am not sure if there any that I like as much especially since I like to mix metals these days because I wear my Pandora bracelet everyday. Another option is this one.

Pandora charms

Pretty self-explanatory

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