Christmas in July | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List


For some reason, I have never attended/shopped at a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I don't know how this has occurred since I live only a couple miles from one and the website is always accessible, but after seeing everyone talking about it I went on over to the website and took a look for myself. I now regret doing that, because it took a lot of restraint to not order all of the items I fell in love with on the website.

I thought I would share some of the items I fell in love with and somewhat dream of getting. I might purchase one or more, if it was not for the car repairs that popped up today (A/C breaking in the middle of the summer). If only I had one of these growing  in the backyard.

My Christmas Wish List for July:

 (if I was rich and/or not a somewhat recent college graduate, but I am dreaming)

Click the images to find out more info about the product.
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